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Updated: 2020-11-19 16:03:44

VBSP's loan as a leverage to improve livelihood better

(VBSP News) With the help of the VBSP loan, Dinh Thi Mao, living in group 3, Lien Son Farm town, Van Chan districtYen Bai province has improved her livelihood from tea farming.

Dinh Thi Mao exchanged the process of using policy capital 

There were two reasons that Mao's family decided to develop tea farming. Firstly, tea is the chief product of her hometown - Lien Son region and famous nationwide. In addition, her house was quite far from the national highway, which is impossible to develop trade-in services to earn her living.

In 2019, VBSP helped Mao apply for a loan of VND 70 million for investing tea farming. Also,VBSP’s credit staff has coordinated with the committees, local governments at all levels and socio-political organizations to provide micro-finance loans and bring opportunities to farmers. Therefore, they had enough conditions to promote production, especially the replacement of midland tea varieties with LDP2, new varieties of high yield, good quality and invested in fertilizer.

After receiving the loan, she courageously replaced one hectare of tea with a new type of seed. The newly planted tea was highly effective recognition to her available experience plus the guidance of district staff on new growing techniques. With the remaining money, her family brought fertilizer to invest in two hectares of tea business (four years old).

The harvest of tea in 2020 achieved high efficiency, such as healthy buds, fewer pests and was purchased at a good price of 3,500 VND/kg, which made tea makers in Lien Son region very cheerful.

We came to Lien Son on the occasion of the 2nd harvest season. Although this season was not the most productive time, farmers were still very excited when the tea achieved all three factors, which are productivity and quality and selling price. Regarding to Ms. Mao's family, this crop collected 8 tons of fresh tea buds, equivalent 25 million dongs in revenue.

Besides growing tea, her family has had more than 2,000 square meters of fields and 1,000 square meters of fishponds. In addition, she also contracted to take care of rubber trees for local businesses. Thus, her family income has been stabilized and gradually improve living standard.

At the meeting with VBSP and authorities of Lien Son Farm Town, Dinh Thi Mao said that her family has got better life, both interest and principal have been paid in full. She also confessed: "Thank you to VBSP support for helping farmers like us to have a leverage to improve our life!".





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