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Updated: 2021-07-21 14:26:50

VBSP Phuoc Son district effectively promotes trusted capital from the local budget

(VBSP News) Over the years, VBSP in Phuoc Son district (Quang Nam province) has implemented many solutions to promptly bring capital to beneficiaries in the area.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ta received entrusted capital from the local budget to expand the family's production model

Thousands of poor households and other policy beneficiaries have had access to capital to develop production and business, raise pigs and cows, grow acacia, fruit trees, etc, which bring high economic return, contributing to Phuoc Son's achievement of goals and targets of economic development, social security and sustainable poverty reduction set by the Resolution of the Party Committee.

Since the implementation of Directive No. 40-CT/TW, the committees and authorities of Phuoc Son district have paid special attention to lending for job creation, maintain and increase job posts, and lending to poor households, near-poor households and households just escaped from poverty.

From 2015 to 2020, local budget transferred to the district VBSP more than VND 3.2 billion which the bank has promptly disbursed to 79 households. In 2021, the local budget is expected to transfer VND 600 million to VBSP for lending to develop orchids, farm and growing medicinal plants, reaching 200% of the plan.

With loans from VBSP, many production models and projects of the district have become highly effective. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ta's household in Phuoc Xuan commune is a typical example, supported by the VBSP, she borrowed for job creation, maintenance and expansion of production. Mrs. Ta said that in the past, the family's main source of income mainly depended on a few acres of fields, no matter how hard they worked, they could barely afford to live. Realizing that climate and soil conditions are suitable for implementing integrated economic development models, she borrowed preferential capital from the local budget entrusted to the VBSP to expanded the model of hill orchid, planted 2 more hectares of acacia trees and, more than 100 guava, Vinh orange trees etc. Since then, her 4 family members have had stable jobs, improved income and enjoyed better life.

Not only Mrs. Ta's family, in recent years, local credit capital entrusted to VBSP has become an important source to create jobs for many workers, increase income, thereby making an important contribution to socio-economic development and new rural development in the locality.

Trong Y - Ba Duy



Poor Households

Lending to poor households 6,6%/year
Lending to poor households in 64 poor districts as stipulated by the Government Resolution No.30a in 2008 3,3%/year

Near Poor Households

Lending to near poor households 7,92%/year


Lending to disadvantaged students 6,6%/year

People in need of loans for job creation

Lending to business establishments owned by war invalids and handicapped persons 3,3%/year


Term Deposit Rate
Overnight 3,04%/year
1 week 3,23%/year
2 week 3,5%/year