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Updated: 2021-06-14 09:24:14

Startup with gobies scorched rice

Thanks to the capital loans by VBSP branch in Quang Ngai province and her creative, dedication, Ms. Thuong Thi Binh Uyen - a resident in An Phu hamlet, Nghia Hanh district, Quang Ngai province - has successfully started up her own business with her unique hence popular product, Tra River gobies scorched rice.

Uyen introduces her product, Tra River gobies scorched rice

Uyen shares that her idea started with her family's favourite dishes, which are poached gobies. Tra River gobies scorched rice is not only unique, easy to use but also represents the speciality dish in this area. From the very first step, Uyen made scorched rice for her friends and family and received supportive feedback and comments. After several improvements, she becomes confident with her dishes.

In 2019, VBSP branch in Quang Ngai province lent VND 50 million to open her own business. Uyen uses that loan to register her business, buying machines to produce Tra River gobies scorched rice.

According to Uyen, the two main materials for Tra River gobies scorched rice are gobies and rice. Rice should be not too pliable, dry and the gobies should be bought from the supermarket to ensure the quality. The making process is conducted by modern machines and strictly follows food safety rules. Besides, the products should be creative, unique and varied. The process includes cooked rice mixed with minced fish, then pressed into pieces. After that, the mixture is steamed before being grilled. The final step is to cut and pack. There are a variety of types of gobies scorched rice, but the most favourite taste is spicy.

Uyen shared that the average assumption per month is 250 boxes (100gr) with the price of VND 35.000 per box. Her customers are mainly from the local area and HCMC. Until now, she is going to collaborate with the supermarket to sell her product to broaden her target customers. Moreover, Uyen hopes that she can continue to approach the capital loans from the government to develop her product. In order to stable life and have the opportunity to get rich in her hometown.




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