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Updated: 2016-03-09 17:18:29

Quyên’s family has escaped from poverty

In the Savings & Credit Group (SCG) meeting on valuating the credit operation in 2007, the members from SCG and Women Union at Hiệp Thuận commune, Hiệp Đức district, Quảng Nam province recognized Nguyễn Thị Kim Quyên’s family as t

The reason for Quyen family’s success is that her family has made great efforts to learn experiences from others in the hamlet along with the enthusiastic support from local organization and union, especially from the communal Women Union and VBSP Transaction Office of Hiệp Đức District.

In 2001, she married and has two  children during three years later, at the same time, the couple decided to live on their own without assets, resulting in more hardship and difficulty. With the propaganda of the communal Women Union, the couple determined to set up the plan of the family economy for getting out of poverty. Nevertheless, as the saying goes “Necessity prevents the mother of invention”, it is essential to have capitals for production investment. In April 2004, thanks to the concern and credibility from the communal Women Union, her family was entitled to borrow VND 05 million by VBSP. After more understanding and learning about successful experiences from well-to-do families, they decided to borrow additional VND 02 million from members in the communal Women Union plus with the VBSP’s loan in order to purchase two (01 mother cow and 01 calf) at price of VND 5.5 million, 01 breeding pig and invest into safe vegetable production from the remaining amount. As a result, her family succeeded in animal husbandry and production owing to attending training classes held by the local authority and women union on the knowledge of cultivation and animal breeding as well as the hard-working efforts of her family.

From 03 perch of field planting such safe vegetables as eggplant, green peas, cabbage etc., brought about the daily income of VND 50,000 for Quyen’s family excluding daily expenditure and production costs, therefore, she gains the profit of VND 3 – 4 million each year. Moreover, after two years of cultivation, forestation and raising cows effectively, she has got totally 04 cows. With the savings she achieved, she afforded to buy a motorbike for delivering farm produces and collecting wasted materials to increase more incomes for the family.

Within the borrowing period, Quyen always realizes her responsibility and joins adequately group’s regular meetings, exchanges experiences in business and production, repays interests on due time and deposits VND 10,000 monthly for group savings. Thanks to the stable family economy, she spends a lot of time joining social activities and poverty reduction program held by the local authority and communal Women Union, helps disadvantaged people and builds up an advanced union model of economic development.    

Thanks to the hard-working efforts and VBSP’s loans, her family has bought motorbike, television, furniture and gives her children schooling. Mrs. Quyen “Regarding results of production and animal breeding, we have 04 cows, 03 perch of field planting such safe vegetables and three hectare of forestland. Then we have repaid VND 02 million to VBSP and my family made repayment of interests and principals on due time on April 27th 2007”.

Women Union of Hiệp Thuận Commune



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