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Updated: 2016-03-09 16:59:32

Nice charectoristic of a strongly energetic woman: SYMPATHETIC WITH THE POOR

During the movement of household economic development in the area, there are many models of successful farmers who have strong determination and effort to escape from poverty and become better-off. Ms. Vi Thi My in Ban Cang hamlet, Khuat Xa commune, Loc Binh district, Lang Son province is among them.

When talking about Ms. My, almost people in the area express their respect for her efforts and admiration to escape from poverty. When she got married in 1988, she and her husband had no land due to the local custom of no assets for girl inherited from parents after marriage. She and her husband built a temporary tent outside the village. Her husband who comes from Hoa Binh province and returns from military service does not understand well about the area and could only stay at home to raise pigs, chickens and take care of their children while Ms. My was hard-working selling products at markets everywhere, even buying fruits from China for retail at hamlets to earn money.

Ms. My received the first loan of VND 2.5 million from VBSP in 2001 and used the loan to equip a cauldron for brewing rice wine and buy five piglets. By the end of that year, she sold pigs for meat and repaid the loan. For the following years, she applied VBSP for other loans of VND 10 million, VND 20 million and VND 30 million to expand pig meat production. The loan size increased year by year but she always repaid the loan by the end of respect years. After 3 years her family now owns 1.2 hectare for rice production thanks to VBSP’s loan. Therefore, they no longer have to pay for rice but can become self-sufficient. In 2005, she and her husband built a new house beside the road. Her family develops husbandry as well as small business on rice, cattle-feed and fertilizers.

Currently her family has 200-300 ducks; two production cycles of 50-150 pigs, which generate around VND 100 million per year. In addition, she also has annual income of tens of million dongs from her business on rice, cattle-food and fertilizer and agricultural materials. To ensure sufficient feed for hundreds of pigs, she not only uses wine dregs available at home but also buys beer dregs from Ha Noi city, which is recognized by her with low price and high quality and make the pigs healthy, ruddy and fast bigger.

She not only runs a good business but also actively participates in the social activities in the area. She is now the deputy head of the hamlet and the head of savings and credit groups and the deputy head of local unit of Farmers’ Association at Ban Cang hamlet. 

Ms. My has just invested VND 600 million to purchase two cars for transporting services. During her business, she always helps people in the area to buy agricultural materials at deferred payment. Sympathizing with disadvantaged people is a nice characteristic of this strongly energetic woman.

Duy Ha



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