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Updated: 2016-03-09 17:02:27

From a meat-type duck raiser becoming a billionaire

At present, there are dozens model of poultry farm with large-scale method in Xuan Loc district, being well-known not only in Dong Nai province but also in Southeast region. The farm of Mr. Nguyen Van Tanh in Binh Minh hamlet, Xuan Loc Hiep commune, Xuan Loc district is one of them.

Duck raiser giant in the East” source: internet

Visiting Xuan Hiep commune, asking the nickname "Tanh Duck", everybody knows him and just ask one time will find his home soon. Born in the central region, Mr. Nguyen Van Tanh is naturally hard working and persistent, adding with being received loan from the preferential program for the poor in time, from nothing now hehas become rich only by raising meat –type duck with three farms and fifteenthousand ducks.

"Remembering the time 8 years ago, the life in my hometown was so difficult that I and my family had to leave from Phu Cat, Binh Dinh to Dong Nai to find businessopportunities. At that time, I knew the district VBSP gave loans for poor farmers sowe applied for the loan of VND 15 million to raise ducks. More than a year travelingall these fields to other fields, my family’s ducks grew up so quickly, increased to300 ducks. Having some assets, I was so happy. It seemed to be an encouragement and then I tried all my best, borrowing more loan from the job creation program for facilities investment, buying breed ducks, raising duck withindustrial and completely closed style method. Finally the god did not betray the duck raiser like me”. Mr. Tanh said.

To achieve success with the nickname "Duck raiser giant in the East" according to Mr. Tanh, in addition to 8 years experience in raising ducks, the combination of using VBSP’s loan with the application of efficient science and technology investment in production is very important. Indeed, he used up all his fortune, including hundreds of million VND preferential loan to build up breeding facilities withcement floor, wooden inner wall mounted lights and ventilation fans. A few dozenmeters from breeding facilities is the vast aquarium in an area of ​​more than 10hectare for the ducks trimming hair and sun bathing. He said "this closed modelhelps to avoid epidemics, rain, sun and ducks also will be better and most productive egg laying."

The duck farm of Mr. Nguyen Van Tanh is now raising three varieties of duck including meat – type duck, super egg- laying duck and hybrid biological Beijing duck. Each day only for super egg – laying duck can produce nearly six thousand eggs. Now, Mr Tanh is also applying incubator technology with capacity of 50thousand eggs per day, each day it produces more than three thousand baked duckeggs and provides the market about two thousand breed ducks. He cheerfully told us that: "Thanks to the policy credit resources and the advancement of science and technology, farmers like us not only can escape from poverty but also getting rich by our own career and labor force in our homeland". 

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