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Updated: 2022-10-19 11:03:46

The typical example of women in developing their household economy and starting up

(VBSP News) Over the past years, the movement "Women actively study, creatively work and build happy families" has spread widely among women officers and members in Tra Bong district (Quang Ngai province). Through the movement, there have appeared many typical female members who are good at doing business; building prosperous, equal and happy families. Ms. Tran Thi Minh Hieu - a woman member of the Women's Union of Chapter 2, Tra Xuan town, Tra Bong district is a typical example.

Products made from cinnamon by Ms. Tran Thi Minh Hieu are sold

in domestic and foreign markets

Being a farming family, in the early years of marriage, Ms Tran Thi Minh Hieu’s life was very difficult with an unstable income. In the process of investing for economic development, her family also encountered many problems such as the lack of production capital, experience, output for product consumption; and the unattractive design, etc. Therefore, she felt discouraged and she wanted to give up. However, thanks to her hard-working, she tried to overcome all difficulties and escape from poverty.

With the encouragement and help of the local women, she discussed with her family and boldly borrowed an amount of VND 50 million from the VBSP transaction office in Tra Bong district to invest in purchasing and processing products from cinnamon trees. After 5 years of investing in economic development, from a small factory with manual methods, now her production facility is fully equipped with a system of machines to supply timely in quantity and quality for domestic and foreign markets.

Every day, her production facility has produced a lot of products and created jobs for over 50 local female workers (mainly are ethnic minorities) with VND 5 million/person/month. Every day, her production facility buys from 10 to 20 tons of cinnamon to produce products (cinnamon jars, essential oils, cinnamon powder, incense, etc.). Her cinnamon products are now available on both the domestic and foreign markets. The production facility has brought about VND 200 million/year for Ms. Hieu's family.

Thanks to promoting the potential advantages of raw materials, available human resources in the locality and the determination to study and learn in economic development, Ms. Hieu has made great efforts to overcome difficulties, rise to get rich legitimately. Her products are increasingly qualified and trusted by consumers and consumption establishments, affirming their position in the market. In addition, her products made from cinnamon were granted a 3-star product certificate by the People's Committee of Quang Ngai province and participated in the 2nd Quang Ngai Province Innovation Startup Contest in 2020, winning the Consolation Prize.

Her family always well abides by the Party's guidelines, the State's policies and laws, participates in activities and fulfills the obligations of women's groups. She is always enthusiastic and energetic in the propaganda and implementation of the tasks assigned by the superior association, actively responds to emulation movements, campaigns, and helps other disadvantaged families. She has also mobilized other members to work together to build effective economic models and conveyed production experience to other women to contribute to the poverty reduction and building a strong association.

With these results, in recent years, Ms. Hieu's family has become cultural family and she has been praised by the superiors and local associations as a typical example in economic development. In particular, she was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union in 2018.

To achieve these results, besides her own efforts, it’s thanks to the encouragement, sharing and companionship of the Women's Unions at all levels. She deserves to be a typical example for many women to study in the spirit of industriousness, creativity, dynamism, boldness, dare to think, dare to do in economic development, striving to get rich legitimately in their homeland.








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