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Updated: 2019-05-14 11:34:12

Overcome difficulties from VBSP's financial service

(VBSP news) Thanks to the effective use of VBSP’s loans, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hanh’s family in An Cong hamlet, Ke Sach district, Soc Trang province has now become a good production household with an income of several hundred million dong each year. Mrs. Hanh said by overcoming the pig price crisis and diseases, she had a bigger farm now.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hanh is taking care of the pigs in her farm

Children can go to school thanks to VBSP’s loans

Mrs. Hanh’s family is one of local households having access to preferential capital of VBSP for economic development. Like many other local farmers, her family's main income relies heavily on gardening. Considering that the family is interested in doing business and has a clear production plan, the hamlet’s officials supported them to borrow preferential loans from VBSP to develop production in 2018.

Mrs. Hanh confided that “In the past, my family's economy was difficult, my children could go to school thanks to the loans from VBSP's Disadvantaged Students Lending Program. Now the children have graduated and had stable jobs, my family also paid off the debt so I want to have capital to expand production. My family has been raising pigs for a few decades, however, due to limited capital, we only raise a small number. Thanks to support of hamlet’s officials for borrowing capital from VBSP, my family can expand the pig breeding model”.

With help from the Head of the Savings and Credit Group of the hamlet, her loan procedures have been completed quickly. She received the loans from VBSP's production development program with the amount of VND 50 million to expand the pig breeding model in combination with developing fruit orchards.

Get rich from raising pigs

By trying to learn experiences of the other pig farmers and actively participating in training courses, scientific and technical transfer organized by local authorities and functional departments, Mrs. Hanh has changed the way of doing business from small to larger scale.

With the loans from VBSP, family’s savings and borrowings from others, Ms. Hanh invested over VND 200 million to build a scientific barn. “From VBSP's loans, I increased the number of pigs and invested in food to raise them. In the past, because of lacking capital and having small pigsty, I only raised a few dozen pigs. However, from the day of having enough capital, I expanded the pigsty and bought more pigs” Mrs. Hanh said.

Mrs. Hanh always takes care of diseases prevention, so the pigs grow relatively well and the number of pigs keeps increasing. Although sometimes the price of pork is slightly reduced, Mrs. Hanh is still determined to maintain raising pigs.

Currently, her pigsty has been developed into a farm with over 300 pigs. Her family also had an enjoyable Lunar New Year thanks to good sale of pigs. Thanks to preferential loans from VBSP, Mrs. Hanh invested in the effective pig breeding model, each year her family got several hundred million dong. Her family has now become one of the better-off households in the local area, her children are also successful and have stable jobs.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Chi - Head of Savings and Credit Group in An Cong hamlet commented: “Mrs. Hanh's family is one among members of the group having effectively utilized the loan to get rich. She is always responsible in sharing experiences, helping and mobilizing relatives and other members of the group to use capital for the right purpose, abiding the rules of the group, contributing to sustainable poverty reduction and enrichment in the country”.




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