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Updated: 2017-09-26 16:21:05

Success from making local dairy products

(VBSP News) With VND 4-billion revenue per month, job creation for 110 employees, products available in almost all provinces and cities nationwide and gradually occupying in Chinese market etc. No one knows that the success that the young boss Mr. Dao Cong Truong of Ba Vi dairy product joint stock enterprise in Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi comes from the credit program for job creation in Vietnam Bank for Social Policies.

Anh Đào Công Trường (ngoài cùng, bên phải) giới thiệu với Đoàn công tác của Trung tâm đào tạo và Truyền thông của Tổ chức DISA về dây chuyền sản xuất bánh sữa của Công ty Cổ phần Bánh sữa Ba Vì

 Đào Công Trường (on the right) introduces on the value chain of dairy cookies production

 From milk cookie of grand mother

In 1993, not passing an exam into university, Truong decided to work as a truck driver and shipper for Dutch Milk company to earn money to support his family. Over four working year here, every day he has to go hundreds of kilometers to marketing and sales. After hard work days and back home, he often ate delicious cookies from Ba Vi fresh milk hand made by his grandmother. Suddenly, Truong thought why Ba Vi does not made its own products when Ba Vi responded with such conditions as raw materials, climate ... to develop local products. This has become a motivation for Truong to decide to "stand himself on his own feet" with dairy products made from Ba Vi hometown.

After work in company, Truong went to introduce on milk cookies made by his grandmother and some villagers in Ba Vi. He found that many consumers like dairy products and milk cookies from Ba Vi very much, however, the advertisement and output market is still limited. Therefore, Truong determined to expand the consumption market, bringing about gradually increasing Ba vi dairy…Then he thought about the idea of establishing the production workshop in Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district!

However, he had only the sale experience, the milk cookie-making secret from his grandmother without initial capital investment.

Become billionaire about dairy products

With the great love about the hometown product of a 25-year-old adult, in late 2006, Truong decided to open the dairy product production oven with small investment fund of VND 50 million. After more than 6 opening months, he signed a sale contract worthed VND 15 million. His dairy products are gradually liked and known by many consumers.

However, the most important point that helped him get success is his decision to borrow VND 300 million from the VBSP credit program for job creation in 2014. After borrowing, he expanded 12 ovens. Starting from a micro-business, now it becomes a joint stock enterprise of Ba Vi Dairy Products with two subsidiaries nationwide, generating more than 100 full-time employees with average salary from 5 – 12 million VND/head/month. From a dairy product very few people know about, today Ba Vi dairy products are available and famous nationwide. Diversified dairy products are made to respond with consumption demand, such as: fresh milk, yoghurt, caramel, cheese etc. He always focuses on the best product quality to ensure consumer health and taste.

 Truong’s success on the Ba Vi dairy product company is the precious lesson and experience for microfinance customers worldwide to learn and adapt for purpose of poverty reduction and income generation.

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