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Updated: 2024-03-07 13:15:30

Disadvantaged students are given opportunities of schooling

In recent years, the credit program for students has been implemented effectively by VBSP Trieu Son district (Thanh Hoa). Preferential credit has become a companion and empowered disadvantaged students to go to school.


VBSP Trieu Son district’s Officer checked the situation of using policy credit loan at Ms. Le Thi Tam's family (in village 4, Van Son commune)

With the goal of not letting students drop out of school due to financial difficulties, every year, VBSP Trieu Son District strengthens extensive propaganda work about program of students’ loan. Along with that, VBSP closely coordinates with entrusted mass organizations and local Savings and Credit groups to propagate to each household to guide loan procedures and disburse loans promptly, which reduces financial difficulties for parents in covering their children's living and studying expenses.

Ms. Dang Thi Hoai's family (in village 2, Dan Quyen commune), was previously a poor household. With the loan from VBSP, she opened a shop to repair motorbike. Her family gradually overcame difficulties and got out of poverty. In 2022, Le Thi Thuy Linh - her daughter gained the admission to Hanoi University of Traditional Medicine. At this time, Ms. Hoai was both happy and worried. She was happy because her daughter passed the university she dreaming, but she also worried because the cost of her 6-year college education was a difficult problem. Luckily, her family had chance to access to preferential policies from the program of students’ loans. Therefore, she and her husband had more money to raise their children to study well.

Ms. Le Thi Tam's daughter (in Village 4, Van Son Commune) also had the opportunity to study at university. It was known that Ms. Tam and her husband had been freelance workers. They had to work many jobs to raise their children. Their lives were extremely difficult. In 2021, thanks to the loan of nearly VND 40 million per school year, she had money for her daughter to study at Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

These have been just two of thousands of households that have access to preferential credit from the student loan program of VBSP Trieu Son district.

By the end of February 2024, the outstanding balance of the student loan program of VBSP Thieu Son district has reached nearly VND 34 billion with 690 households borrowing money. Many students after graduating had stable jobs and fully paid the principal to the bank.

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of VBSP Trieu Son district, said: "the unit will continue to strengthen coordination with other organizations, party committees and local authorities to promote propaganda about preferential credit to poor households and other policy beneficiaries”.

The program has created a bright future for disadvantaged students. This is also the driving force to promote students' learning awareness to plan the right direction for themselves, using the knowledge they have learned to build their homeland and country.

Minh Ha



Poor Households

Lending to poor households 6,6%/year
Lending to poor households in 64 poor districts as stipulated by the Government Resolution No.30a in 2008 3,3%/year

Near Poor Households

Lending to near poor households 7,92%/year


Lending to disadvantaged students 6,6%/year

People in need of loans for job creation

Lending to business establishments owned by war invalids and handicapped persons 3,3%/year


Term Deposit Rate
Overnight 3,04%/year
1 week 3,23%/year
2 week 3,5%/year