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Updated: 2019-06-28 14:29:23

Assessment of commune transaction in VBSP

Commune transaction activity is a typical operational method of VBSP which is uniquely implemented in the system, an integral part of VBSP to serve poor households and policy beneficiaries. Commune transaction activity is defined as: "Transaction activity at communes, wards and towns (referred to as communes) is the way of organizing transactions of VBSP with customers at Commune Transaction Point located in head office of Commune People's Committee”.


A transaction session

  1. Criteria to assess quality of commune transaction activities

Commune transaction activities in VBSP are assessed basing on qualitative and quantitative criteria.

1.1. Quantitative criteria.

Quality of commune transaction activities can be assessed using 03 groups of quantitative criteria which can be extracted from current information system of VBSP:

a ) Indicators reflect the volume and rate of transactions in the commune

- The volume of transactions in the commune includes total disbursement, debt collection, interest collection, group deposit transactions, residential deposit transactions and other transactions at Commune transaction points. The larger trading volume shows the larger scale of transaction activities in the commune.

- Transaction rate in the commune includes disbursement rate, debt collection, interest collection, member deposit transactions, residential deposit transactions and other transactions at Commune transaction points. Transaction rate at commune of each type of transaction is calculated by the following formula :

Transaction rate in the commune during the period



Transaction value in the commune during the period


x 100%

Total transaction value in the period


The more this rate reaches to 100%, the more effective commune transaction is. In that case, transaction activities of VBSP have really been brought  comprehensively to local level.

- Average rate of Savings and Credit groups participating in commune transactions monthly. This ratio is calculated by the following formula:

Average rate of Savings and Credit groups participating in commune transactions monthly


Average number of Savings and Credit Groups participated each month


x 100%

Total number of SCGs

The higher this rate, the closer and more effective coordination between VBSP and entrusted mass organizations in commune transaction activities. It also a  criterion to reflect the quality of activities of SCGs.

b ) Indicators reflecting the transaction time in the commune

- Opening and closing time of a commune transaction session .

+ The opening and closing time of a commune transaction session are publicly listed. The actual closing time of the commune session is when the Transaction Team has completed transactions for poor households and other policy beneficiaries and completed other tasks at the end of the commune session.

+ The strict time abide demonstrates the professionalism of the communal transaction team, creating habit for customers to come to the transaction session on time. Besides, in order to complete the transactions and close the transaction session on time, it requires the members of the Commune Transaction team to work efficiently and effectively.

+ Monitoring time abide of a transaction session can be done via online camera or checking directly at the commune transaction point.

- Time for 01 transaction with a customer according to each specific operation. Trading activities in the commune include many different tasks.

The shorter time for 01 specific transaction help to shorten the time of the trading session. Shortening the time to implement 01 specific transaction helps to increase labor productivity of members of the Commune Transaction Team.

The construction of time limit for each operation helps to calculate and assign volume of tasks to each staff participating in the Commune Transaction Team in each specific trading session.

c ) Indicators reflect errors in transaction activities in the commune

- The error rate of transactions at the commune can be calculated by following formula: 

The rate of errors of transactions in a communal transaction



Number of declined transactions

x 100%

Total number of transactions at a commune

The lower the rate, the more accurate the transactions are

- Rate of cash errors made at commune transactions . This ratio is calculated according to the formula:

The rate of errors in cash at commune transactions


Value of cash errors at communal transactions


x 100%

Cash value at communal transactions

The detection of errors of the Commune Transaction Team is based on the results of checking transaction documents and fund at the end of the session and the end of the day .

1.2. Qualitative indicators

  1. a) Legality

- Commune transaction team was established in accordance with regulations, with specific and clear tasks assigned to each member to properly implement the tasks through assignment books, transaction documents and data on information system.

- Commune transaction team is fully equipped with equipment, facilities, working tools , protective support tools to perform activities according to regulations and ensure property safety.

- Properly and fully implement the professional processes prescribed in the commune transaction session.

  1. b) Organisation and modes of operation

- Transaction quality ensures good service, quick transaction, no loss of assets, errors in operations ...

- Ensure safety from the time of handing over (assets, cash, vouchers, ...) to go to the commune transaction until the time of returning to the bank and comply with regulations.

- Space for commune transaction team to perform tasks must ensure convenience for the transfer of documents, control and supervision among members of the trading team; Arrangement of positions for implementing transaction with customers must have a proper distance to ensure safety for tellers and supervisors.

- The commune transaction team must always comply with the fixed date and fixed trading hours already publicized on the signboard at the transaction point and on VBSP’s website.

  1. c) Transaction behavior of staff

- Wear uniform and nameplate during the trading time;

- Have responsibility and efficiency; abide by the unit's assignment; no eating or doing personal work during the time of dealing with customers.

- To comply with labor rules and behavior regulations, ensuring courteous, polite, caring, available to answer to inquiries from customers.

- Mastering the knowledge and skills of VBSP, giving full guidance to customers.

  1. d) Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is calculated through meeting customer requirements, communication of staff, transparency of information during transaction process, reduce waiting time.

Qualitative indicators are determined through the results of checking and monitoring commune transaction activities, feedback of customers through phone, suggestion box, briefings with authorities, mass organizations, SCGs Board of Management.

  1. Assessing the quality of VBSP’s transaction activities in the commune

2.1. Achievements

Up to now, commune-based transaction activities of VBSP have been stable, well-organized, effective, facilitating the poor and policy beneficiaries in accessing policy credit of the State conveniently as it is in VBSP headquarters. The commune transaction team complies with the prescribed professional procedures, ensuring absolute safety of people and assets, fully equipped with means and working tools for commune trading sessions, professional qualifications. Thus, skills of bank officials have been improved and cooperation with mass organizations is increasingly tight.

Firstly, the Commune Transaction Point network is expanded throughout the country to facilitate needs for banking transaction of the poor and other policy beneficiaries in a fast and convenient way.

VBSP opened commune transaction points in over 98% of communes, wards and towns in the country. The transaction date and time of each commune transaction point were reviewed and arranged based on the credit scale of each commune, travel conditions, number of officials of each unit and be publicly announced at the transaction point and on the website. Transaction activities at commune level of VBSP have created a habit for customers to arrange work and come to commune transaction point on a fixed date every month to carry out transactions with the Bank.

Through transaction activities at the commune, VBSP has given policy credit to the poor and policy beneficiaries in the fastest way, limiting errors in preferential lending activities, reduces travel costs for people, enabling people to access and become familiar with banking services. Nearly 90% of the total transaction value of VBSP with the poor and policy beneficiaries is implemented conveniently in the commune. Through this activity, VBSP has provided savings services to the poor and other policy beneficiaries at their convenience.

Transaction activities in the commune also contribute to promote the image and transaction culture of VBSP, demonstrating the spirit of responsibility to the poor and other policy beneficiaries at commune transaction points especially in remote, border and island communes.

Secondly, the operation process of the commune transaction team has been increasingly improved, contributing to improving service quality and ensuring safety.

Over the past years, the General Director has issued many documents to standardize processes of transaction, evaluation and assessment of commune transaction activities. Officials participating in the assigned Commune Transaction Team are improved in terms of quantity, professional qualifications, and job-solving skills. With the new information system and standard transaction process, careful preparation before transaction, customer transactions are done quickly, accurately, minimizing error and risk during the transaction process.

Through operation of the Commune Transaction Team, VBSP staff are trained practically, getting professional knowledge and job solving skills. Not only proficient in banking profession, each staff of VBSP can improve their communication skills, working skills, and  skills of coordinating with local authorities and social organizations as well.

Thirdly, fully equipped with working tools combined with application of technology to help transactions at the commune to be faster, safer, more accurate and effective.

VBSP always prioritizes to give best equipment for transaction activities in the commune. Up to now, the commune transaction teams nationwide are basically equipped with appropriate means of transportation, ensuring safety and working equipment such as laptops, printers, money counting machines, money detectors, cameras, protective tools, electric generators etc.

In addition, application of information technology to the operation of commune transaction team has been improved. Information technology has helped to make transactions faster , safer in a timely manner , updating and processing information quickly and accurately, contributing to increasing labor productivity in particular and governance capacity of each VBSP level in general.

Fourthly, the commune transaction activities are highly appreciated by the State, Ministries, local authorities and people .

The organization of commune transactions in VBSP are supported by local  authorities and people through creating favorable conditions such as arranging halls, tables and chairs, electricity etc.; directing commune police and militia to strengthen security for operation of the commune transaction team; arranging locations for VBSP to set up signboards where policies and information of each loan are publicized.

Entrusted mass organizations well implement the joint documents and entrustment contracts signed with VBSP; participate in monitoring activities at commune transaction points; instruct SCGs’ leaders and customers to make a list of money value before doing transaction; guide and assist customers in dealing with the bank.

At commune transaction points, VBSP publicizes preferential credit policies, loan procedures, debt balance, repayment term, thus, creating conditions for local authorities, mass organizations and people to understand to jointly implement and monitor social policy credit activities.

“Transaction at commune level of VBSP has created a friendly and responsible service system, saving transaction and travel costs for people”( Source: National Assembly Standing Committee's Report No. 660 / BC-UBTVQH13 dated May 19, 2014 on monitoring implementation of policies and laws on poverty reduction).

 In summary , commune transaction points and transaction activities of VBSP at commune transaction points are unique, symbols, images and brands of VBSP. Since implementation, commune transaction has become the main transaction activity of VBSP with nearly 90% of VBSP's professional activities implemented at Commune transaction points, helping the poor and policy beneficiaries to access policy credit of the Government. The transaction activities in the commune have a great influence on effectiveness and quality of activities of VBSP at district and provincial levels, which are important for the stable and sustainable development of VBSP in the direction of poverty reduction.




Poor Households

Lending to poor households 6,6%/year
Lending to poor households in 64 poor districts as stipulated by the Government Resolution No.30a in 2008 3,3%/year

Near Poor Households

Lending to near poor households 7,92%/year


Lending to disadvantaged students 6,6%/year

People in need of loans for job creation

Lending to business establishments owned by war invalids and handicapped persons 3,3%/year


Term Deposit Rate
Overnight 3,04%/year
1 week 3,23%/year
2 week 3,5%/year