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Updated: 2018-07-24 12:19:25

Warm caring after the flood

(VBSP News) Facing severe floods in northern mountainous provinces, VBSP recently organized a visit to encourage and support the people of Ha Giang and Lai Chau provinces who were severely affected by flash floods and landslide.


Deputy General Director of VBSP Hoang Minh Te gave VND 300 million to Lai Chau province to overcome the consequences caused by the flood.

So far, heavy rains cause flash floods and landslides in northern mountainous provinces, causing 19 deaths (Ha Giang: 5 people died from house collapse; Lai Chau: 14 people died due to landslide, flash floods and house collapses); 11 missing people in Lai Chau due to flash floods; 12 injured people (Lai Chau: 11 people, Son La: 1 person).

In addition, 124 houses were flooded, swept away, 717 ha rice was flooded, 486 ha crops was damaged, 196 livestocks, 5,919 poultries were dead and 46 ha of aquaculture ponds was damaged etc,. In many provinces, infrastructures were still in mess, causing traffic jams, isolating many remote communes and areas with many difficulties and economic losses which were estimated at hundreds of billions VND.


Deputy General Director of VBSP Nguyen Duc Hai gave VND 300 million to Ha Giang province to overcome the consequences caused by the flood.

VBSP was promptly present to visit, encourage and share difficulties and support for Ha Giang and Lai Chau province with VND 300 million to each province for sharing difficulties with families who are suffering from heavy losses caused by floods. For families suffering 100% loss of houses and assets, VBSP supported VND 2 million per household, for those who lose 50% of their houses and assets, VBSP supported VND 1 million. The gifts from employees of VBSP, though not in great value, having VBSP’s compassion of always accompanying with people in Ha Giang and Lai Chau in early recovery of the consequences of natural disasters, helping people to escape hunger, shortage, giving them warm heart to continue to stand up against difficulties.

As one of many affected households in Lung Tam Commune, Quan Ba District (Ha Giang Province) Lo Mí Dinh, 80 years old, said: "Flooding came, we did not have time to save asstes, the cow was not saved, rice was wet. After the flood, we had to eat in neighbor house. This amount of money from VBSP will be used to buy more necessities for living in the days after the flood”.

Giang Mi Cha, a Mong ethnic, lives in Tung Nun village, Lung Tam commune, Quan Ba ​​district whose wife was swept away by the floods leaving him 3 children. His tears dropped as looking at his damaged house and assests. Despite years of hardworking, again, he had nothing even rice to eat. Thus, with gift from VBSP he shivered emotionally: "Now my family has money to buy more rice and food. Thank you very much’.

Continuous vehicles with neccessites went to the flooded communes. Gifts were handed to the people. And in the heart of the flood, we have caught grateful smiles of the people for helping them to overcome the difficulties.


Gifts to Lai Chau people


The delegation visited and gave gifts to 80-year-old Lo Mí Dinh's family in Tung Nun village, Lung Tam commune, Quan Ba district.


Giang Mi Cha and her daughter thanked for a gift from VBSP




Many ethnic minority households in the flood area of Lung Tam Commune, Quan Ba District (Ha Giang) receive gifts from VBSP


People in Lai Chau and Ha Giang provinces are still facing many difficulties and need help from the community

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