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Updated: 2019-08-01 15:32:37

Invalids but not Incapacity

(VBSP News) "War invalids but not incapacity", Mr. Ha Cao Tri - a wounded soldier in Binh An village, Nhon Hanh commune, An Nhon town (Binh Dinh) always promoted the quality of Uncle Ho's soldiers, overcame all difficulties, contributing his efforts to society, successfully raising four children. He is also a dynamic and enthusiastic head of local War Veteran’s Association.

Ông Hà Cao Trí sản xuất nhang cây tại nhà

Mr. Ha Cao Tri produced incense sticks at home

Mr. Ha Cao Tri confided, he was the eldest son and lived with his parents. It was very difficult when his children were born, making the burden on their skinny shoulders heavier. He himself had an accident that take away his remaining leg, so he had difficulty walking. But thanks to his beloved and hard working wife, encouragement and help of his family and neighbors and his own beliefs and energy, his family gradually overcame all difficulties.

Mr. Tri recalled: "Before that, every night, my wife and I were thinking and looking for suitable jobs. I myself practice with fake legs every day, "keep sharpening the iron, someday you can have a needle", at last I could remove the  pair of wooden crutches to walk on my own. Seeing my wife working hard, from small businesses to raising pigs but still cannot afford living, I discussed with my wife to open a bicycle and motorcycle repair shop. Although hesitate, my wife encourages me to start the business. In 2005, I borrowed VND 15 million from VBSP via the War Veteran’s Association, I bought tools and repair bikes for customers. I did not go to any school learning to repair bikes, I caught the technique and I got used to it, plus diligence and responsibility, more and more customers come to me. I also assembled a 3-wheeled motorbike myself to ride with my wife to Binh Dinh market early in the morning, buying vegetables and good to process before selling in local market. Thus,  family life is more and more stable, our children are taken good care”.

In 2007, Mr. Tri found a new job and decided to buy a hand crank machine to produce incense sticks. He receive raw materials from Tan Nga incense factory, Dap Da ward to make incense sticks. Every day, he produced about 20kg of incense sticks, earning VND 50,000. Seeing achievements, in 2012 he invested to buy 2 automatic incense making machines, producing more than 100 kg of incense sticks every day. He also finds consumer markets in Tay Son, Vinh Thanh and Phu Cat districts etc. Deducting expenses, his family earns about VND 300,000 per day.

Mr. Vo Thanh Tin - Chairman of Nhon Hanh Commune Association, said: Mr. Tri is an exemplary War Veteran’s group leader in all fields. Learning from him, 100% of the members in the group help each other to develop the economy and so far there is no poor member left. Recently, at the conference to summarize the typical War Veteran movement in the period of 2014 - 2019 in An Nhon Town, Mr. Tri was awarded a certificate of merit by the Chairman of An Nhon Town People's Committee.

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